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You use the main controls on the Cosmo Player
dashboard to do two things: move around in 3D
worlds and examine objects in them. Once you
click a control, it stays selected until you
click another.

Authors of 3D worlds can set viewpoints -
places of interest - for you to visit. You can
move from one Viewpoint to another by
choosing from the Viewpoint List or clicking
the Next Viewpoint or Previous Viewpoint
button, located on the left-hand side of the

Click the Viewpoint List button and
choose a Viewpoint from the pop-up list.

When you pass the pointer over an active
object, the pointer changes to a Starburst.
You can then click or click-drag the object
to make corresponding text appear or
manipulate an object by moving or rotating it.

To switch from one set of controls to another, toggle the Change Controls lever on the middle-left side of the dashboard.

Click Seek and then click an object to move closer to it.

To examine objects in a 3D world, click
the Zoom, Rotate, or Pan, button and
then drag the pointer in the Cosmo
Player window:

Click and then drag up to Zoom In or drag down to Zoom Out.

Click on the knobbed lever on the left and then drag in the browser to Rotate an object.

Pan: Click and then drag to pan right, left,up, or down.

To move around in a 3D world, click the
, Go, or Slide button and then drag the
pointer in the Cosmo Player window. Use
the Change Controls toggle if necessary:

To Tilt, click and then drag to look up or down or from side to side.


Go: Click and then drag to move in any direction.

Slide: Click and then drag to slide straight up and down or to slide right or left.


Additional controls allow you to
retrace your steps:

Use the Undo Move and button to retrace your steps.

Use the Redo Move button to redo your steps.

Use the Straighten Button to re-align the world.


You can set Preferences for playing the
file to allow more control and better results, depending on your machine:


Use the check-mark button
to set your preferences:

Click the ? for more Cosmo Help. The
button is on the dashboard's right-hand side.